Friends in High Places: Socialist Peak or Bust!

Abandoned! When my Peace Corps climbing partner got the sad news that her dad had died suddenly and unexpectedly, she caught the next flight back to the U.S. It was two days before we were supposed to leave for Mt. Meru, Kilimanjaro’s closest neighbor and Africa’s fifth highest peak. But it was Thanksgiving, 1995. IContinue reading “Friends in High Places: Socialist Peak or Bust!”

Are Twins Rarer than Redheads?

Give me a piece of Dynomite Pie* and I might tell you! Okay, Okay! The short answer is yes! We’re a lot less common than your average red head.  Redheads (and those with intersexual traits, by the way) represent 1.7% of the world’s population, while monozygotic twins – identical, that is  – occur at aContinue reading “Are Twins Rarer than Redheads?”