Is it Real? It Sure Looks It!

Bernadette’s in a tizzy. There’s a speck of dust on the spotted fawn’s eyeball! She notices another bit of dust on the roebuck. “Good God!” She curses. “How did that get in the case? I just cleaned!” She may sound like your average housewife, but she isn’t. When she goes home each day from herContinue reading “Is it Real? It Sure Looks It!”

What Do Nicole Kidman and I Have in Common?

It’s not a porcelain doll complexion or stick figure body, that’s for sure. Neither is it the stick-straight blonde hair and blue eyes. Keep guessing! No, I wasn’t born in Honolulu — yes, she was! Check her detailed — albeit rather lengthy — Wikipedia profile if you think I’m lying! Time Magazine’s never named meContinue reading “What Do Nicole Kidman and I Have in Common?”