Truth and Healing in Art

Not only do you get to feast on the art with your eyes, if you’re lucky, you get to wear it! Psychiatrist and media personality Jeremy Spiegel calls Nick Cave’s Soundsuits, featured on the cover of ArtHealing, “Eye Candy for the Soul.” Spiegel, who is a frequent co-host of The Positive Mind on New YorkContinue reading “Truth and Healing in Art”

Chilyapa Lwando: the Healing Power of Art

In his 2011 book Art Healing: Visual Art for Emotional Insight and Well-Being Portland, Maine psychiatrist Jeremy Spiegel says that art can heal: “Through interacting with artworks, it is possible to gain mastery over emotional pain, psychological traumas, and paralyzing mental stagnation to attain a more positive perspective on life.” Just looking at art canContinue reading “Chilyapa Lwando: the Healing Power of Art”