Spider-Man Has Nothing on Me!

My friend Lorraine wants to know why I didn’t have carpal tunnel surgery on both hands so I can shoot webs from both wrists just like Spider-Man. Good question! Once my stitches were removed, the slit on the underside of my right wrist, while barely visible, might yet let me shoot lopsided webs and hangContinue reading “Spider-Man Has Nothing on Me!”

Abide with the Uneasy: Carpal Tunnel Bliss

Pema Chodron extols the uneasy, the queasy — the in-between places we fall into countless times each day — as the closest thing to heavenly bliss we will ever experience. These are the points when you are free — and motivated — to change what you’ve been doing all your life, to change who youContinue reading “Abide with the Uneasy: Carpal Tunnel Bliss”