The Right to Ruin

News of the Kangaluwi mines, owned by a Dubai conglomerate, reasserting its ‘right’ to ruin the Zambezi National Park, the southern portion of the Zambezi River Basin and all subsequent rivers flowing to the Indian Ocean as well all the land in between is beyond distressing. Sign the petition to stop this carnage now. InContinue reading “The Right to Ruin”

Beautiful Ankole Cattle

I first met Dr. James Patrick Manyenye Ntozi back in 1989, when he defied the conventions of his department to recruit me as a lecturer in Makerere University’s Institute of Statistics and Applied Economics. I was the only woman and the only non-African on that faculty and he did his best to make this brashContinue reading “Beautiful Ankole Cattle”

Numba Your Days!

“Numba Your Days!” the small man thundered from the makeshift pulpit, exhorting World Vision staff in Zambia to come to grips with the fact that our time on earth is limited, so we’d better make the best of it while we can. I was transfixed by the man’s rich, resonant bass voice and the forceContinue reading “Numba Your Days!”

Spider-Man Has Nothing on Me!

My friend Lorraine wants to know why I didn’t have carpal tunnel surgery on both hands so I can shoot webs from both wrists just like Spider-Man. Good question! Once my stitches were removed, the slit on the underside of my right wrist, while barely visible, might yet let me shoot lopsided webs and hangContinue reading “Spider-Man Has Nothing on Me!”