Never Hit by Lightning, No Matter How Hard I’ve Tried

Is it me? Am I really so poor at estimating risk or do I just ignore it? Pray for Me! No, on second thought, don’t waste your prayers. I appear to be incorrigible. Anyone who would go to Uganda against State Department advice in 1988 will clearly run across an open landscape in the middleContinue reading “Never Hit by Lightning, No Matter How Hard I’ve Tried”

Kila Shetani na Mbuyu Wake

The ancient Swahili proverb Kila shetani na mbuyu wake (Every baobab has its demons) was first whispered to me by a Tanzanian journalist directing media relations for the second major project I worked on in Africa.  Halima Shariff, wise beyond her years (some say that’s what journalism does for you), was explaining why none ofContinue reading “Kila Shetani na Mbuyu Wake”