Hudson Run Press / Books and Publications

Hudson Run Press is where I publish my works of fiction, upcoming historical non-fiction and children’s books. Click on the URL to order from Amazon. My internationally acclaimed books on the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa, Asia and the US are described under Anthropological Achievements and can also be ordered from Amazon.

Malinga Mutende Detective Series

Malinga Mutende is the first woman to be promoted to Deputy Inspector in Zambia’s Criminal Investigation Division. A single mom with two young children and an elegant game guide heart-throb, she pursues a gang of elephant poachers to Asia, eventually capturing them in the Central African Republic. In the meantime, she’s after a pair of malevolent doctors bent on harvesting the skins and organs of the poor to sell on the international market.

Wilson Mwiinga Detective Series

Albino Wilson Mwiinga, Malinga’s fellow Deputy Inspector, is after a gang of serial killers, Zambia’s first in several generations, across the wild Luano Valley to the treacherous Mulungushi dam while his pregnant wife threatens to divorce him if he’s not back for the birth of their third child.
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