Anthropological Achievements

Recipient of the 2007 George Foster Practicing Medical Anthropology Award of the American Anthropological Association’s Society for Medical Anthropology for contributions to national and international AIDS policymaking.

My History

I finished my Ph.D. in Medical Anthropology at the State University of Albany (NY) in December of 1987 and immediately started searching for a more suitable place to use it than Saratoga Springs Hospital, where I’d worked for the previous five years. Inspired by the blizzard pelting my office windows, I called the Rockefeller Foundation and a year later packed off to ‘the land beyond sorrows’ of Uganda to begin my Social Science Research Fellowship teaching demography at Makerere University in Kampala. It’s there that advocacy for orphans of AIDS and other vulnerable children became my lifetime’s work.

For the next twenty-five years, I worked on a variety of assignments for UNICEF and USAID in 30 countries, including three long-term residencies in Uganda, Tanzania, and Zambia. My blog will highlight some of the high — and low — points of these experiences.

“Susan speaks truth to power in a graceful and persuasive way.”

Susan is an exciting teacher, a clear and effective writer, and has inspired people around the world to improve their lives and communities.”

Two-time Fulbright Scholar Award winner

Seven ground-breaking non-fiction books on the HIV/AIDS pandemic, including London Times’ Best AIDS Book of the Year, Black Death
Children on the brink : updated estimates & recommendations for intervention [HIV/AIDS impacts on children] | Eldis
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