Spider-Man Has Nothing on Me!

My friend Lorraine wants to know why I didn’t have carpal tunnel surgery on both hands so I can shoot webs from both wrists just like Spider-Man. Good question! Once my stitches were removed, the slit on the underside of my right wrist, while barely visible, might yet let me shoot lopsided webs and hang from the ceiling, small buildings, or trees. Time will tell.

My scar is actually smaller than the one shown in this stock photo
My web-shooting capability is limited to my right wrist

I’m not sure it’s true for everyone, but my wrist and hand were never immobilized after surgery. I wore an elastic bandage over a small gauze pad for 10 days so I never lost any muscle tone, and so far (knock on wood!) I’m regaining more feeling in my fingers by the day. My concert piano career may not yet have come to an end after all. Since it never came to a start, I’m not too worried!

I only wish I’d done it sooner, then I might be able to fly higher. Like President Biden did when he became Captain America in John Handem Piette’s America: Endgame! I just want to let him know that if he ever needs help again, I’m there!!

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