As American as Apple Pie

That’s me! Second generation Polish on my Mom’s side, Dad came over on the Mayflower. Pretty ordinary mutt, you say!

Except for two things: I’m half of a pair of identical twins, and while I like pie – I LOVE pie! – my favorite isn’t apple. No, my favorite comes from Down Under: Jack Daniels Mud Pie. YUMMMM!!!!

Me and my nemesis, on our mother’s lap. The hats? It’s Easter Sunday, a long time ago! On the bottom you can see us talking private talk, making ready to wreak havoc on some item of furniture or an unwitting human being who thinks twins are sweet as pie!
The Pie Shop
Get your Mudpie here!

Make the Pie Shop Pledge: Make Pie, Not War! Love Pie! Not Hate! Love Pie! Hate Nothing at All!!!

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